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Workplace Listening

It is just as important to listen to your manager as well as coworkers. Working together in a business can be tough especially if you are not heard. Everyone should be entitled to give out their own opinions. The article below discusses workplace listening and how people can get better at it.

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How to Communicate Effectively at Work

The article discusses rules for effective communication in the workplace. It offers insights from the book “Shut Up And Say Something: Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Influence Listeners,” by Karen Friedman. The article notes the importance of being direct to the point and concise with the important facts. The author cites that effective communicators focus on delivering the central idea and are able to speak with the right attitude and body language.

First Impressions Are Everything

Communication is one of the most important factors to consider and the most important skill to possess. Now a days with the development of technology the younger generation have are constantly trying to make things a lot quicker, easier and efficient. Well that’s not true all the time!

The video down below describes exactly not what to do at your job in terms of communicating with customers. I know that phones have become a big part of our daily routine but this video shows a situation to the extreme.

How To Find and Keep Your Dream Job

In a competitive job market, it’s important to develop and implement a comprehensive job search plan that employs a multi-faceted approach, using a number of job search strategies.

Consider a Temporary or “Gap” Job
By working briefly as a temporary worker, you can position yourself to be hired for a permanent position. Temping can also help you see various organizations from the inside, meet people in your field of interest and develop valuable experience. Check your local yellow pages for temporary agencies near you.

Visit Target Companies’ Websites
Think about companies that are of interest to you, based on your knowledge and research of the geographic areas where you’re interested in working. Many of these companies post job openings right on their own website.

Participate in Career and Job Fairs
Career and job fairs are rare opportunities to have employers come to you. Check your local newspaper and Career Services office for job fairs in your area. Prior to attending prepare to be at your best.

Secure an Internship
Many internships result in direct offers of employment. A recent survey of employers with 100 or more employees
conducted by, a popular internship website, revealed that 69% of employers made full time job offers to their interns in 2012.

For more information read up on:

Find And Keep Your Dream Job, The Definitive Careers Guide From Forbes

What Job Do I Want?

My dream job that I would like to hopefully make a career out of is becoming a Marketing Executive. Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. The role includes planning, advertising, public relations, organizing events, product development, and research just to name a few. The work is often challenging, varied and exciting. This is why I want to become a marketing executive because I feel my personality and to some extent my persuasion can get customers buy the products that  I sell, this is all through my experience that I know I will be good at this job.

According to although this area of work is open to all graduates/diplomats, marketing is an increasingly competitive sector to enter and a degree/HND in the following subjects may increase your chances: MARKETING, COMMINCATION AND BUSINESS/ MANAGEMENT

Potential candidates worthy will need to show good communication skills and interpersonal skills. These interpersonal will help improve and guide one on how to communicate effectively. They need to be good at teamwork, need to be flexible and creative. The ability to work under pressure will help you take on challenging tasks. One needs to have good oral and writing skills and have business awareness. The kind of business I choose to go for should have ethical and moral background. They should have social responsibility.

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