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How To Find and Keep Your Dream Job

In a competitive job market, it’s important to develop and implement a comprehensive job search plan that employs a multi-faceted approach, using a number of job search strategies.

Consider a Temporary or “Gap” Job
By working briefly as a temporary worker, you can position yourself to be hired for a permanent position. Temping can also help you see various organizations from the inside, meet people in your field of interest and develop valuable experience. Check your local yellow pages for temporary agencies near you.

Visit Target Companies’ Websites
Think about companies that are of interest to you, based on your knowledge and research of the geographic areas where you’re interested in working. Many of these companies post job openings right on their own website.

Participate in Career and Job Fairs
Career and job fairs are rare opportunities to have employers come to you. Check your local newspaper and Career Services office for job fairs in your area. Prior to attending prepare to be at your best.

Secure an Internship
Many internships result in direct offers of employment. A recent survey of employers with 100 or more employees
conducted by, a popular internship website, revealed that 69% of employers made full time job offers to their interns in 2012.

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How To Write A Cover Letter

A cover letter should not take hours to write up. The beat way to approach to writing the letter is to tell a story if you can. If you can relate your desire for the job to an experience in your life, then by all means do it. For the beginning briefly summarize your career. In one or two specific sentences, describe your work and experience. One can also illustrate your qualifications with examples. Give concrete specifics of achievements that illustrate how you could advance the company’s agenda. Always conclude by saying when and how you’ll get in touch. In your last line, tell the recipient when to expect to hear from you. Another pointer is don’t cut and paste from the job description. If you’re applying for a posted job, do keep the requirements in mind, but don’t use the exact wording. Last point err on the side of formality. Even though your cover letter will be an e-mail, keep the style businesslike, unless you are writing to a contact with whom you already have a relationship and you are mirroring their informal style.

Is It OK To Lie In An Interview?

Some times we all need to tell little white lies that could land you the job of dreams. Some times the questions the interviewer ask are really pin point the things you cant really do or be really efficient at. Its not bad that you tell them that you can do what they ask of you when you really cant or don’t do it well.

Take for example; if the interviewer ask you how well you work with other people and you honestly prefer to work alone, its best not to tell them that. Make up you once worked well with groups in college. This way if you were delegated to do something you could request to work on it on your own and then collaborate with the rest of the group later.

I am not one who lies but when you need to take the question and make it to your advantage do so!!

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